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Happy New Year 🥳 

Welcome back - it has been lovely to catch up with you all over the past few days.  I do hope that you all have had a wonderful break and shared some great family time.  I know that spending time with my children over the break has been wonderful.


This term is 7 weeks and we break on Friday 18th February. During this term we have some key activities happening: 27th January, we celebrate Holocaust Memorial Day; 10th February Y4 Class Assembly; 15th & 16th February we have our parent/child meeting with class teachers; and 17th February is our Maths Whiz.


If you haven't read the app message yet, we are moving forward with our paperless school by introducing an electronic reading record.  This can be downloaded on a mobile phone or tablet with an APP or you can use a desktop computer with a Web Browser.  This helps parents log when pupils are reading or when parents are sharing stories with the children.  It also allows the teacher to place the reading level the children are working on and what books they should be bringing home to read.  It is important that children complete their homework of daily reading and logging this on the APP.  

Children will still be able to collect their 30 reads and come to the office to see me. 


Stars of the Week

Nursery Eddie I & Hunter T 🤩
Reception Stanley H & Sebastian P 🤩
Year 1 Carter R & Tristan B 🤩
Year 2 Grace C & Oscar S 🤩
Year 3 Sade C & Jakub K 🤩
Year 4 William W & Eymen T 🤩
Year 5 Ava TA & Robert R 🤩
Year 6 Charlie J & Thabo M 🤩


Housepoint Winners

Key Stage One Grace C 🥳
Lower Key Stage Two Teddy C & Eymel T 🥳
Upper Key Stage Two Ray G 🥳



Well done to Nursery, Reception and Year 3, who are this week's winners of the attendance cup with 100% attendance this week.


COViD-19 Update

As you know from my APP message before returning to school, things are the same here at school concerning staying in hubs, no whole school assembly, staggered lunchtimes, keeping 2m when on school site and wearing a mask if you would like to speak with a class teacher.


From Tuesday, some rules are changing.  If you test positive on an LFT, you will not need to book a PCR test but show us the positive LFT, so we can make reference of the number on our system for attendance.  We will then calculate the isolation period.  This works out as follows.  You test on day 6, if negative, 24 hours later you test again (day 7), if negative, on day 8 you can return to school.  If you test positive on day 6, you start the process again on day 7, which would mean that if two negative tests, your child would return on day 9.  Do not worry about remembering all of this, as you email in with a positive LFT, we will talk you through what you need to do concerning isolation.



I am pleased to inform you that swimming is starting again next week.  Y6 will kick start our programme of yearly swimming.  Unfortunately, as we are starting late in the year, Y1 & Y2 will not be swimming this academic year.  All year groups will return to swimming next academic year.  This year, we should get through Y6, Y5, Y4 and Y3.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend and we will see you on Monday


Have fun

Mr A