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E-safety is of great importance for children and young adults when using any form technology which has access to internet. Whether this be in the classroom, at home or round a friend's house, children need to be aware of the dangers and issues that wireless communication and the internet presents.

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The teaching of e-safety, computing and the use of ICT is now a key aspect of the new curriculum. Children come into contact with the use of computers and the internet through most lessons on a daily basis.


See some of our children's great e-safety posters below.

Please take some time to read some of these useful guides below to keep you and your children safe online and make the most of your time on the internet. These guides will provide a start and give links to other online guides and help.

e-safety concerns

If you have any concerns around e-safety or want to report any cyber bullying or inappropriate use of the website or learning platform, please complete the form and this will go directly to the Head Teacher.