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We believe Science is at the very heart of life, that every child possesses a natural curiosity about the world around them, from nature to the technology surrounding us.  Through exploration, investigation and inquiry, we aim to build on this inquisitiveness, to inspire our children to question 'why' and 'how'; to provide them with the skills to investigate our ever-changing world.  


Here at Chiseldon, our Science learning is delivered through a hands-on, inquiry-based curriculum where discovery is exciting, fun and inspiring.  Practical investigations allow the children to practice their enquiry skills, plan their own tests, and draw conclusions from  results, utilising and applying their knowledge to further understanding.  


The Science curriculum is progressive in terms of skills and knowledge so that our children can continually build on what they have learnt in the previous years, deepening their knowledge and understanding throughout the school.  Using scientific, age-related vocabulary is also essential to the ensure explanations are clear, laying the foundations for further science study of biology, chemistry and physics. This journey of science begins in EYFS, through KS1 and KS2.  Our curriculum aims to link together all aspects of biology, chemistry and physics to help our children understand the incredible world around them.  


To enhance the learning in lessons, we also offer an extra-curricular KS2 STEM Club during the Spring Term for those simply want to learn more.  





Working Scientifically is a focus on the skills needed to investigate. This is taught alongside the year group curriculum subject knowledge and investigations.  In KS1 the children learn about plants, animals, everyday materials, living things and their habitats and seasonal changes. 


Key Stage 2 also cover working scientifically (to a higher level) but also about, plants, animals, rocks, light, forces and magnets, living things and their habitats, states of matter, sound, electricity, earth and space, evolution and inheritance, light and electricity. These topics are revisited, and broadened as the children progress through the year groups.

Key Stage and Year Group Overview