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Week 1 4/9/23

Well done year 4 on an amazing first week back! 


In English this week we have been looking at a story, all based on the short film 'Feast'. We have been creating similes and coming up with time adverbials. They have all worked super hard on this. In Maths we are looking at number and place value. We have been venturing into the thousands, hundreds, tens and ones this week. They have all really impressed me with partitioning and number recognition. 


In Topic we have been exploring what Hollywood is and where we would find it, looking at the Atlas to locate the continent, country and then state. We have also been looking at the first Animation, Fantasmagorie. In P.E we have been looking at the fundamentals, throwing, catching, balancing and being a team player. We have had great fun with team games and have worked hard on our one hand throw and catching as well as our catch and privet.


This week our spellings are the in-prefix and can be found on doodle spell. 

Well done on a fantastic week year 4.