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Priority 5: To build and embed a curriculum so that pupils have a deeper understanding of safeguarding, child protection and prevent.

To ensure that all pupils, including those with SEND, have a better understanding around Consent.
  • Share Consent material as a part of safeguarding curriculum and ensure that class teachers revisit regularly 
  • Monitor the impact on pupils after lessons and discuss what this means.
  • Develop a yearly approach to Consent and how this is built over time to help keep pupils safe.
Develop a curriculum that covers: safeguarding, child protection and prevent.
  • Design a bespoke curriculum which can be delivered to each year group which is tailored to individual year groups.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the curriculum and discuss at SLT/Governors meetings its impact on pupils.
  • Oversee the creation and implentation of the safeguarding curriculum, giving advice and strategy at each stage, before it goes to all staff and governors for approval
SLT to regularly analyse incidents of bullying, discriminatory behaviour including racist, sexist, disability and homophobic/biphobic/transphbic bullying, use of derogatory language and racist incidents
  • To set out expectations of following policies and procedures, to coincide with the launch of the Big Award.
  • Monitor the logging of behavioural incidents and feedback to staff if this is not being applied consistently or if they are not following policies and procedures
  • Monitor and analyse incidents on a weekly basis, creating a report for SLT to discuss at their meeting.
Set up Protocol & Procedures for the Inclusion Team, so that it is effective in supporting all pupils.
  • Create person specifications for the roles within the Inclusion Team and advertise internally.
    HT to approve
  • Carry out interviews and appoint members to the Inclusion Team
    Informing HT
  • Create Terms of Reference, which sets out the protocol and procedures of the team.
    HT to approve
  • Create a specifc template for the Inclusion Team so that they can provide quick and efficient updates to SLT.
    HT to approve
  • Incusion Team to meeting weekly creating efficient reports for SLT