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At Chiseldon, we strive to teach mathematics in a creative yet meaningful way in order to prepare our children for their future. Our aim is to develop children’s love of maths through engaging and stimulating lessons which allow children to become curious and to deepen their understanding.

We track the children’s fundamental skills regularly so they become fluent over time, allowing them to apply their skills in various problems with increasing confidence.

Our children continue to apply their skills through our cross-curricula approach in our topic sessions so it is continuously being used in real-life contexts. 

National Curriculum for Mathematics

Times Table Challenge

Our maths working walls...

To develop the children's calculation skills, each class displays a maths working wall which focuses on one of the four operations each term. Each display has a range of methods which children can practise in order for them to choose the method they are most comfortable with. No child is restricted as they can progress to using whichever method they like. The children use these twice a week during the mental oral starter and they display their methods on post-its once they have checked there answer using the inverse, a calculator or peer assessment. This is a great way to embed calculation methods as the children are regularly practising them no matter what they are learning during the lesson.