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Priority 2: To ensure consistency in behaviour across classes and all year groups so that behaviour non-negotiables are adhered to by all and pupils feel safe and happy.

All pupils & staff know what the qualities of an effective learner and the values of a 'Chiseldonite'
  • Create values and waht it means to be a 'Chiseldonite.'
  • Introduce concept to pupils and staff
  • Chiseldonites: behaviour for learning; attitudes to learning; metacognition; sense of belonging etc
The school has high expectations for pupils’ behaviour and conduct
  • Carry out Big Award Audit - Term 1
  • CPD for all staff on peer support and girl friendship issues - Term 2
  • Update, restore the anti-bullying policy, so that it is up-to-date and fit for the future - Term 1
Relationships among pupils and staff reflect a positive and respectful culture; pupils are safe and they feel safe.
  • Read/adapt 5 respects with staff/pupils so that there is a positive, respectful culture
  • Assembly discussing the agreed Respect Charter & Launch - Term 1
  • Respect Charter to be displayed around the school in key places and in all classrooms
  • SLT to monitor the charter and discuss any breaches with staff and/or pupils - termly
Pupils are confident, self-assured and take pride in their work, their school & their appearance
  • Create a published section on school website for pupils to publish work to, including Teams.
  • Have a framed art work for pupils to encourage high quality art work
  • Photos of pupils who have immaculate uniform to promote school uniform
  • Inspirational speakers in school to motivate pupils.
To improve lunchtime and break time behaviour so that it is exemplary
  • CPD for all MDSAs on how to interact and 'play' during free time to engage all pupils
  • Metacognition training so that staff are using Growth Mindset
  • SLT to be visible on the playground as much as possible to encourage positive behaviour.
Pupil make a positive contribution to the wider community.
  • Make contact with PC to find out about any 'jobs' that we could be involved in
  • Eco Club to arrange a litter pick through the village
  • Choir to arrange to sing at local events, ef, remembrance day at Cenotaph
  • Pupils to plant some daffodils and other early plants along the village green before Winter (Eco Club).
There is demonstrable improvement in the behaviour and attendance of pupils who have particular needs.
  • SLT to monitor attendance of all groups more closely during weekly meeting.  LE to break down groups attendance and report to SLT - in decline or improving
  • Continue to celebrate high attendance at weekly sharing assembly by awarding attendance cup to winning class.