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At Chiseldon we believe the link between reading and writing is strong and reading is prioritised as an intrinsic part of teaching and learning.  We understand that the skill of reading allows pupils to access all areas of the curriculum as well as the world around them.  We also believe that reading should bring pleasure and experiences that cannot be achieved elsewhere; entering new worlds, meeting people from history and understanding a range of viewpoints and emotions. 

Book Talk - The Reading Rainbow

Book Talk

Children read a carefully selected, engaging text for one session a week, this focuses on accuracy, reading with expression as well as reading for meaning and also gives them a chance to get 'excited' about books. We then continue to develop their understanding of the reading through three further Book Talk sessions focusing on 'The Reading Rainbow'  where discussion of the text is a key element.  Following the discussion the children write about an aspect of the text each week using the 'STYLISTICS' and 'ANALYTICS', these look in depth at; the language used, its purpose, similarities to other texts, the impact of the text on the reader, as well as giving them the opportunity to voice their own opinions. 

The Love of Reading

As a school we also share our love of reading at the end of the day, where every class sits and staff share a class reading book, these are high quality texts that allow us to model our enthusiasm for reading and create magic and excitement around the special joy of reading a good book. This time also allows children to enjoy and understand texts beyond their own reading ability, conditions the brain to associate reading with pleasure and plants a desire to read.