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W.C 09.05.2023

Let's Get Physical!!


As a lot of you have noticed we have changed our morning jobs to make it a LOT more physical, we are Squiggling while we are Wiggling!!! We have pumped up the energy and as a result have loads more enthusiasm for the day ahead, hopefully it means we are sleeping better too.. i know the staff are!! 

We have also practised some self love by creating POWER POSES and telling ourselves we are AMAZING in the mirror!!

Take a look...


Oh What an Adventure!! 


As part of our topic we have been on quite a few adventures this week, we have been on a secret mission around the school where we found a BEAR. We went on a plane to China to go on a tiger hunt, where we got caught in a typhoon!! 


Take a look....

Messy Messy Play


What is Nursery for if not for getting messy!!! 


We have made mud pies, secret water potions and have even decorated the walls with our amazing hand prints!! We LOVE a bit of messy play and the good news is... it always washes off!!