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Term 1

W/B 20/09/21 


This week year 2 have been learning about hundreds, tens and ones in Maths. They have worked really hard at correctly partitioning the number into the correct column. Some of us looked at base tens, identifying the number given and then partitioning them into H,T, O  columns. 

In English we have been looking at describing our hobbies and discussing why we enjoy them - what their benefits are and where we do them and who with. We also have been looking at how to end our letter and the different sign offs we could use. 


In phonics we have been looking at the oe sound - the spellings sent home this week are: Boat, Bone, Bowl, Coat, Cold, Float, Phone, Toe, Thrown and Know. 


In Topic we have been working on our sketching and colouring skills drafting and creating our own Kandinsky art piece. 


Well done year 2, you have worked really hard this week! 


W/B 27/09/21


We have begun this week by looking at France! In year two we explored the food, the language and the culture. We listened to some French music, tried some croissants and enjoyed singing a French song.... we had lots of fun! 


In Maths this week we have been exploring addition and subtraction under 20. We have learnt how to add and takeaway using the base ten's and some of us got up to adding and subtracting from 50! 

In English we have been planning our independent write, thinking about everything we could write in a letter about ourselves. We have discussed what foods we eat, what clothes we wear and how we get to school. 

In phonics we have been learning the er sound - the spellings sent home related to this sound are: Bird, Burst, Church, Twirl, Curl, Dirt, Fern, Germ, Swerve and World. 


In Topic this week we continued exploring Kandinsky's art work and how he painted with bright and joyful colours. We have some real artist's emerging! 


Well done year 2 you have worked really hard this week!


W/B 4th October 2021 


This week in year 2 we have been writing our independent letters. We have worked really hard at paragraphing and editing.  Some of the letters are very creative and imaginative - Well done everyone! In Maths we have continued adding and subtracting, using different formats and methods of working out. 


Year 2 have really worked hard this week, finishing off their Kandinsky art works in preparation for the art tour. They are all very excited for you all to see what they have produced. 


In phonics this week we have been looking at the oo sound (as in look and book). The spellings linked to this sound are: Bull, bush, pull, full, look, crook, cook, book, would and could. 


Well done everyone in year 2! 

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