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w.b 13.11.23

We've been thinking about doctors and nurses this week.  We have discussed oral hygiene and hand washing, so please ask your children about how to wash their hands! 


Father Roger visited to talk about how he helps people and the children were exceptional at listening and remembering our visit to Holy Cross church.  He told us he looked after three churches and liked to dance to really loud music!  Our Nativity is coming along - if your child has words, please help them to learn them and there are links to all the songs on the class page. 

We were so fortunate to spend time on Friday morning with Neil, the artist who has been with us all week.  He showed us how to push everyday items into clay to produce intricate patterns, animals and inspired us to express ourselves.  Look at his website to view some of his amazing work:


Enjoy your weekend with family and friends.