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Reception (FS2)

Welcome to Unicorn Class 


2022 is going to be a FANTASTIC year, with lots of smiles, learning, friendships and fun.  We are becoming more confident with the routines and expectations, preparing us for Year One, but any worries please come and talk to me.  We are a great team together!


Term 5


“I wonder where?


Pack a suitcase, don’t forget your toothbrush and bring your imagination as we are off around the world!  This term we will be “travelling” to different places around the world, starting with the UK and then following the children’s interests; Germany, Canada, Africa, Australia.  If you have been away as a family, please talk to your children about where you went, what you did and if you have any photos, please send them in so the children can share their experiences.  Through junk modelling we’ll be making our own methods of transport – I can’t wait to see the ideas of the future…  We hope to visit Pizza Express to see how pizzas are made, so use this topic and be adventurous at home, try different foods from around the world.


We will be listening to stories from different faiths, considering what can be learnt from stories.  Jigsaw is all about relationships this term and how to maintain them.  We will continue with Sounds Write, learning that sounds may be spelled in more than one way and many spellings represent more than one sound.  Please keep practising reading at home as this is an essential skill for life, I understand sometimes it is hard, but 10 minutes every day makes such a difference!  Maths Whizz is at the end of term, so keep up with counting, adding, ordering, doubling and halving.  With the improving weather, we will “SMASH” the mile, achieving 9 laps each time.  Please encourage your children to put in all their effort, in preparation of Sports Day next term.

Help with saying our sounds


It will help the children if you say a word that starts with that sound, for example, dog starts with d, pot starts with p, map starts with m.

How to say sounds


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