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Firstly, I would like to recognise all pupils in Year 6 who have worked extremely hard this week and have coped extremely well with their SATs papers.  They have not moaned but have risen to the challenge that tests place upon us all.  I am very proud of you and remember, these are only one measure of the person that you are and they do not define you as a person.


We have had our OPAL visit and the next thing we need to work towards is inviting all parents in for about an hour towards the end of the day, to see OPAL in action.  We are aiming for this to happen in Term 6, so look out for the date.


Stars of the Week

Nursery Harleigh PM & Shahzaman A 🤩
Reception Marlon S & Kolby L 🤩
Year 1 Edward I & Mikhail S 🤩
Year 2 Savannah T & Skyla L 🤩
Year 3 Louis F & William S 🤩
Year 4 Jack P & Romeo H 🤩
Year 5 Jaxon C & Kanyenna N 🤩
Year 6 Brooke C & Hannah S 🤩

Well done to you all for all your hard work.


House Points

Our top house point winners this week are:

St.George Oliver L 🥳
St.David Piper R 🥳
St.Patrick Koby C 🥳
St.Andrew Hannah S 🥳


This week's winning house with 198 house points is St. George 🇬🇬 well done on earning lots of points for your house.

2nd  St. Patrick

3rd  St. Andrew

4th  St. David



This week's winning class with 99.4% is Year 5 🏆 well done for having good attendance.

Whole school attendance is currently 95.14% 


Top Doodlers

100-day streak in English is Hannah S

250-day streak in Maths is Koby C

250-day streak in English are Niamh C, Zayn I, Oliver L, Logan C, Kolby C

365-day streak in Maths is Oliver L

Fantastic job - keep up the good work.


Maths: Year 5 🧮

Spell:  Year 5 📝


In other news...

Our last week of the term


Y5 & Y6 some pupils attending Quad Kids

Vision screening Reception pupils



Take Cover - STEM workshop for Y5 & Y6

Football Final playoffs - and we are involved - well done team



Maths Whiz - will you be the year group winner?



14:45 Y2 Class Assembly - parents are welcome to attend.

17:00 Y6 parent meeting for Berlin


That is it for this week - I hope you have a lovely weekend and the weather looks lovely.


Have fun and we will see you Monday

Mr A