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It has been another eventful week here at school, with our pupils fully engaged in various activities and learning experiences.


One highlight of the week was Year 5's residential trip to Call of the Wild. The children enjoyed exploring the great outdoors and building lasting memories.


We also celebrated Earth Day and St. George's Day, engaging our pupils in important discussions about environmental conservation and cultural traditions.


In academic news, Year 5 participated in a collaboration debating competition, making us proud by securing third place. The dedication and teamwork displayed by our pupils are truly commendable.


On a lighter note, our Year 1 pupils had an exciting adventure in London, including a visit to the iconic Tower of London. It's wonderful to see our young learners exploring and experiencing new things.


Stars of the Week

Nursery Arabella C & Isabella-Aria C 🤩
Reception Tommy C & Esperanza EM 🤩
Year 1 Lucas O & Elena FK 🤩
Year 2 Frankie B & Aubree D 🤩
Year 3 Benjamin RP & Jasper M 🤩
Year 4 James W & Callan D 🤩
Year 5 Cledwyn M & George H 🤩
Year 6 Kai S & Teddy C 🤩

Well done to you all for a great start back to school.


House Points

Our top house point winners this week are:

St.George Isabella C 🥳
St.David Poppy C 🥳
St.Patrick Corey B 🥳
St.Andrew Esperanza EM & Edie R 🥳


This week's winning house with 205 house points is St. David 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 well done on earning lots of points for your house.

2nd  St. Patrick

3rd  St. George

4th  St. Andrew



This week's winning class with 98.25% is Reception 🏆 well done for having good attendance.

Whole school attendance is currently 95.05% 


Top Doodlers

100-day streak in Maths & Spell is Corey B

250-day streak in Maths & Spell is Jasper M

Fantastic job - keep up the good work.


Maths: Year 6 🧮

Spell:  Year 2 📝


In other news...

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the campout after the summer fair due to staffing constraints. Rest assured, we will reschedule the event at a later date.