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What an amazing Shakespearian Week we have had at school.  Hearing all the children using Shakespearian insults and singing double, double, toil and trouble...


I am sure that some of them have cast a spell over us all.  To remind you all that the last day of term is Thursday 28th March and we break for two weeks.  The first day back is Monday 15th April.


Stars of the Week

EYFS Sienna P & Sachin B 🤩
Year 1 Ben S & Olivia M 🤩
Year 2 Freddie C & Ethan S 🤩
Year 3 Bella M & George H 🤩
Year 4 Tayla P & Grace C 🤩
Year 5 Imogen D & Alumair AU 🤩
Year 6 Jacob L & Jamie L 🤩

Lovely work around Shakespeare, well done to you all.


House Points

This week's winning house with 285 house points is St. George 🇬🇬 well done on earning lots of points for your house.

2nd  St. David

3rd  St. Patrick

4th  St. Andrew 



This week's winning class with 98.1% is Year 5 🏆 well done for having good attendance.

Whole school attendance is currently 95.16% which is 0.56% above national.  We are currently in the good zone.  Let us keep there and see if we can get our whole school attendance to 96% by the end of the year.


Top Doodlers

Well done to Sophie KP & Alex W for achieving a 50-day streak in DoodleMaths

Well done to Alex W for achieving a 50-day streak in Doodlespell.


Maths: Year 4 🧮

Spell:  Year 2 📝


In other news...


Key Stage 2 First Aid Training

PCSO working with EYFS

17:00 Call of the Wild Parent Meeting - Miss Dickson's room



Spelling Bee



Tennis coach working with Y3, 4, 5, & 6.

15:30 - 17:00 Easter Disco 



Term 4 reports to parents

15:00 Easter Bonet Parade - Parents can come along and watch

15:25 Break up for the Easter holiday


I hope that you have a super weekend and we will see you for the final week of term on Monday.


Mr A