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How lovely the final day of term has been.  Thank you for joining in and celebrating the end of Mental Health Week with Dress to Express.  There has been a wonderful array of colours across the school.


It was lovely seeing many of you either at parent meetings or at our Topic Celebration.  I do enjoy seeing all our parents come in and work with their children in such a fun way.


Term 4 starts on Tuesday 20th February.  Remember, Monday 19th is our TD day - staff will be updating our safeguarding and Prevent training.


Stars of the Week

EYFS Tommy L & Esperanza EM 🤩
Year 1 Chethanna R & Lyla DS 🤩
Year 2 Sebastian P & Grace W 🤩
Year 3 Oliver S & Hashan R 🤩
Year 4 James W & Charlie S 🤩
Year 5 Kavisha R & Sade C 🤩
Year 6 Esmae D & Teddy C 🤩

An amazing effort to work so hard to be recognised by your teacher.


House point Winners 

St. David Chloe A 🥳
St. Patrick Sade C & Imogen D 🥳
St. George Mollie C 🥳
St. Andrew Marlon S & Amelia H 🥳

Super work earning lots of house points for your house.


This week's winning house with 268 house points is St. George 🇬🇬 well done on earning so many house points.

2nd  St. Patrick

3rd  St. Andrew

4th  St. David


Top Doodlers

Well done to 

Mollie Clark for achieving a 100-day streak in DoodleSpell & Maths

Chloe A for achieving a 500-day streak in DoodleSpell.


Maths: Year 4

Spell: Year 2



This week's winning class with 98% is Year 6 🏆 well done on being in school regularly.


Whole school attendance is currently 94.26%, which is currently 0.46% above the national.  It is important to be in school every day so that we can maximise our learning.  


In other news...

The first week back we celebrate Arts Week, so all our classes are planning exciting things to do with nature.


We now break for 1/2 term. Have a super time and I will see you all on Tuesday 20th February.


Mr A