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Another week has flown by and we are getting to grips with the new app and getting all the assessments and things set up for you.  You should now be able to see where your child is in their learning for Reading, Writing, Maths and Science.  We are working on the other subjects, which will appear before the end of the term.  You may also have noted that there are two parent evening slots on the app - you can book your appointment from the 30th of January if you prefer the Tuesday appointment or the 31st of January if you prefer the Thursday appointment.


I have reminded the children today that they must come in via the large gates where Mr Hatcliffe and I stand - this is because we have a one-way system in place but also, I feel that it is essential that we say good morning to the children as they enter the school.  Can you please make sure that you help them not get into trouble by coming in the right gate, thank you.


Stars of the Week

EYFS Lily H & Phillip C 🤩
Year 1 Roman E & Zayne S 🤩
Year 2 Stanley H & Poppy M 🤩
Year 3 Jasper M & Carter R 🤩
Year 4 Ayla A & Jack P 🤩
Year 5 Sade C & Kanyenna N 🤩
Year 6 Alfie C & Hannah S 🤩

Well done on working well throughout the week.


Housepoint Winners

St. Andrew Hannah S 🥳
St. George Oliver L 🥳
St. David Alfie C 🥳
St. Patrick  Alfie R 🥳

Super job on earning lots of house points for your house.


This week's winning house with 286 house points is St. Andrew 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

2nd  St. George

3rd  St. Patrick

4th  St. David


Top Doodlers

Well done to Marlon S & Arthur WT for achieving a 50-day streak in Maths.

Well done to Lucas L for achieving 250 day streak in Maths and Spell and well done to Oliver L for a 250-day streak in Maths.

A big shout out to Aflie R for achieving a 500-day streak in Maths - you are all superstars 🌟


Maths: Year 2 🧮

Spell: Year 3 📝



The winning class this week, with 99.5% is Year 3 🏆 well done on being in school every day - every day counts!


Whole school attendance is currently 95.49% and National is 94.7%; therefore we are now 0.79% above national figures - Well done everyone, keep it going.  Remember, every day counts, so please make sure that your child is in school every day.


In other news...

All week children will be learning about the Holocaust and the theme this year is Fragility of Freedom.  Each class will look at this at age appropriate level and there will be a celebration of work on Friday 26th January for the pupils.  


Holocaust Remembrance Day is Saturday 27th January.  If you are interested to know more, please follow the link: Holocaust Remembrance Day 


I hope you have a lovely weekend and the temperature is not too cold for everyone.


Mr A