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Welcome back!

Does it feel like we have returned for a while and the lovely half-term break seems far away?  The children have come back to school positive and are enjoying being back in school.  This is my favourite term as we build up for the Christmas celebrations - I know, I have said it, Christmas!  Just to let you know it is only 7 weeks away.


You may have noticed our "Show you care, Park elsewhere" signs.  Please may I ask that you respect these figures and do not park where they are placed.  This is to help with our pupils crossing the road to school.  I was shocked the other morning when two cars parked on top of the little guys and another two cars/vans zoomed down The Orchard.


These signs are to make it completely safe for our children to cross the road safely, please think about where you park as there are plenty of places around the village green with just a short walk to the main gates.


A little moan about the main gates, can you please make sure that you come in via the large gates where I or the senior team stand and exit via the small gate.  We do run a one-way system at school to help everyone - thank you for respecting this little rule.


Stars of the Week

EYFS Mason H & Arthur H 🤩
Year 1 Zayne S & Mia RM 🤩
Year 2 Sofia G & Arthur WT 🤩
Year 3 Enhar T & Niamh C 🤩
Year 4 Charlie S & Eva G 🤩
Year 5 Bobby A & Thomas M 🤩
Year 6 Yana G & Esmae D 🤩


Housepoint Winners

EYFS Elliot M 🥳
Key Stage One  Natalia L & Mia RM 🥳
Lower Key Stage Two Niamh C 🥳
Upper Key Stage Two Logan C 🥳


Top Doodlers

50 & 100-day streaks for Spell or Maths: Lucas S, Zayyn I, Elliot M, Eleanor T, Imogen L, Elena FK , Natalia L, Oliver L, Mia RM, John H, Niamh C, Alfie C, Sidney M, Logan C, Koby C, Hannah S.


250-day streak Maths - Hannah S

265-day streak Maths - Niamh C

Wow well done to all of you for keeping your streaks going for such a long period of time.


Maths: Year 2 🧮

Spell: Year 4 📝



This week's winning class with 98.64% is Year 1 🏆 super work being in school so regularly.


Whole school attendance is 95.48%, which is slightly below our target of 97% for the year.  Let us make every day count.