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The weekly blog - keeping you up-to-date with school life; Stars of the Week; Housepoint winners and much more..

Welcome to the final Blog of the school year.  I cannot believe we have made it to the end - well Monday to go, but the last full week.


Thank you for all your support this year and I am sure I can pass on your thanks to our wonderful teachers and support staff for all they have done this year, particularly through the turbulent times of the national strikes.  Being able to stay open and provide quality education throughout has been shown with how much the children have learnt and remembered.


If I do not see you by the close of play Monday, have a super summer and some much-needed quality family time.


Stars of the Week

Nursery Esperanza EM & Teddy S 🤩
Reception Oliver L & Edward I 🤩
Year 1 Aubree D & Arya C 🤩
Year 2 Sophie KP & Benjamin RP 🤩
Year 3 Eva G & Tayla P 🤩
Year 4 Ethan M & Neve D 🤩
Year 5 Logan C & Jamie L 🤩
Year 6 Raymond C & Desmond C 🤩

Well done on all your hard work and effort this week.


Housepoint Winners

EYFS Zayn I 🥳
Key Stage One Sebastian P 🥳
Lower Key Stage Two Jibril S 🥳
Upper Key Stage Two Castor S 🥳

Super job on earning plenty of housepoints for your house.


This week's winning house with 291 housepoints is St. Patrick's 🇮🇪

2nd  St David

3rd  St George

4th St Andrew


Who will win the term and the year?  Who will have their flag flying all over the summer holiday?  Find out on Monday.  


Top Doodlers

We have Castor S who has achieved a 250-day streak on DoodleSpell & Sebastian P who has reached a 365-day streak on DoodleMaths.  Well done to both of you, such wonderful news.


Maths:  Year 5 🧮

Spell:  Year 5 📝



This week's winner with 97.83% is Year 4 🏆. Fantastic work on being in school so regular this week.


The whole school attendance is 94.98%!  Well done everyone, we almost achieved the 95% target after such a terrible start to the year.  Thank you so much for supporting the school, with every day counts!


In other news...


Our last day of term.

09:00  Leavers Assembly (Y6) Parents are welcome - bring a tissue

09:20  Assembly continues with our Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards and finding out who has won the Housepoints for the year.


12:00  Y6 McDonald's trip - lunch with the HT, DHT, & Mrs Knott

15:25  School breaks for summer ☀️


Enjoy the break.  Remember, if children can keep up with doing some Doodle and Reading over the summer, that would be wonderful and really help them prepare for the new term on Friday 1st September 2023.  The topic is Holywood and there will be an email coming out from their teacher about what they can wear.


Keep smiling

Mr A