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I hope you are well and filled with excitement as we approach the end of another fantastic week at our school. It has been a whirlwind of activities, accomplishments, and memorable experiences for our children across all year groups. Let's dive into some of the highlights!


Transition Days for Year 6: Our Year 6 children have just completed their much-anticipated transition days at Ridgeway, and I couldn't be prouder of them. They displayed impeccable behaviour, looked smart in their uniforms, and represented our school excellently. I have received numerous positive feedback from Ridgeway, acknowledging our children's maturity, enthusiasm, and readiness for the next chapter of their education. Well done, Year 6!


Y1 Parent Assembly on the World Cup: Our Year 1 children have left us all astounded with their incredible performance in the parent assembly. They showcased their knowledge about continents, oceans, and various countries through their engaging World Cup-themed topic. It was truly a sight to behold, witnessing their enthusiasm and the amount of learning they have achieved. A big round of applause to our Year 1 children and their dedicated teacher for their hard work and dedication!


Exciting Visits for Our Youngest Children: Our youngest learners have been on quite an adventure this week. First, they had the privilege of a visit from the police. The officers engaged with our children, educating them about safety, community, and the vital role they play in keeping us all secure. Our children were thrilled to interact with the police officers and learn about their work.


Additionally, our little ones embarked on a visit to our local church, immersing themselves in its history and significance. This experience not only deepened their understanding of different places of worship but also encouraged them to embrace the diverse cultural fabric of our community. I am grateful to the church and its members for warmly welcoming our children and fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity.


As we conclude this week filled with exciting events, it is important to acknowledge the efforts of our dedicated staff, without whom these experiences wouldn't be possible. Their commitment to providing a well-rounded education beyond the classroom is commendable.


Looking ahead, we have an array of upcoming events and activities to look forward to, including our summer fair, sports day, and various end-of-year celebrations. It promises to be a delightful conclusion to the academic year, celebrating the achievements and growth of our incredible children.


Stars of the Week

Nursery Lily H & Harrison T 🤩
Reception Zayn I & Elena FK 🤩
Year 1 Eva D & Skyla L 🤩
Year 2 Enhar T & Molly M 🤩
Year 3 James W & Naveena C 🤩
Year 4 Harley S & Imogen D 🤩
Year 5 Kai S & Hannah S 🤩
Year 6 Laila H & Robert R 🤩
Computing Sasha C, Sophie D, Hannah S 🤩

You can see some of their amazing work HERE


Housepoint Winners

EYFS Samuel T, Oliver L, Zayn I, Lyla DS 🥳
Key Stage 1 Ethan S 🥳
Lower Key Stage 2 Mollie C 🥳
Upper Key Stage 2 Callum H 🥳

Well done on achieving lots of housepoints for your house.


The winning house this week with 324 housepoints is St. George 🇬🇬

2nd St Andrew

3rd St Patrick

4th St David



This week's winner with 98.5% is Nursery 🏆 Well done to our youngest pupils for being in school every day.


Whole school attendance is 94.81%.  Well done on improving attendance in school again.  This puts our school above the national average this year and above the average for Swindon.  Keep going everyone, only 3 weeks to go.


Top Doodlers

Well done to Ethan S & Mollie C for achieving a 50-day streak in Doodle Maths.


Maths: Year 3 🧮

Spell: Year 3 📝


In other news...


EYFS Sports Day - starts at 9am

KS1 Sports Day - starts at 13:30



Transition day with next year's teacher pt2

Y6 going to Bishopstone Primary to watch the end-of-year show.



KS2 Sports Day - starts at 13:30



Our summer fair.  Come along and listen to some music whilst enjoying Pimms 🥂 in the sunshine.  Plenty to keep the children occupied and then the children can come back at 18:30 for our camping night.