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The weekly blog - keeping you up-to-date with school life; Stars of the Week; Housepoint winners and much more..

Welcome to this week's blog.  Have you listened to my podcast on reading for fluency?  During the podcast, you can listen to the head boy and head girl talk about their reading experience.  Listen to it here


If you would rather listen to the blog than read it, you can do so here.  In the recorded blog, you will be able to listen to the school choir sing one of the songs that we have been learning.


Our deputy head boy and deputy head girl, went live on Facebook as they interviewed two secondary school pupils about starting out and how they felt, you can see this on our Facebook page, or by clicking here


Thank you to every parent that came into school and shared stories with the classes.  This was very kind of you and I know that the children really enjoyed themselves.  One pupil told me that listening to the story had inspired him to write his own story - so thank you.


Stars of the Week

Nursery Ronnie F & Edie R 🤩
Reception Natalia L & Zayne S 🤩
Year 1 Poppy M & Hugh R 🤩
Year 2 Louis F & Tristan B 🤩
Year 3  Charlie S & Romeo H 🤩
Year 4 George H & Navam C 🤩
Year 5 Teddy C & Alfie C 🤩
Year 6 Charlie F & Jack T 🤩


You can see a selection of their work here

Well done to all of you, it was lovely to see such great work.


Housepoint Winners

EYFS Charlie C 🥳
Key Stage One Jack T 🥳
Lower Key Stage Two Mollie C 🥳
Upper Key Stage Two Hannah LL 🥳

Congratulations on earning plenty of housepoints for your house.


The winning house this week with 368 housepoints is St George 🇬🇬

2nd St Patrick

3rd St Andrew

4th St David 


Keep up the excellent work.


Top Doodlers

Maths: Year 2 🧮

Spell:  Year 5 📝



The winning class this week with 99.6%, is Year 5 🏆 super stuff!  In school every day.


Whole school attendance is 93.89%


I think that you will agree, an amazing week with everything happening.  I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and we will see you on Monday.


Mr A