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The weekly blog - keeping you up-to-date with school life; Stars of the Week; Housepoint winners and much more..

We are excited to announce that next week we will launch our new scooter/inline skate/skateboard area as part of our OPAL program. To ensure the safety of all students, we ask that children bring in their own equipment and wear a helmet at all times while using the area.


In addition, next week is Arts Week and we will be celebrating cultural diversity through various activities and projects. Our Eco Club will also sell a range of clothes to help raise funds for more eco-friendly initiatives at school.


We would also like to remind you that Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday, and this year we will be focusing on staying safe while online. To further celebrate our learning, our Topic Celebration will be held on Thursday at 14:30, and we welcome all parents to attend.


Stars of the Week

Nursery Harrison T & Arla DS 🤩
Reception Rico P & Mikhail S 🤩
Year 1 Aubree D & Amy Grace C 🤩
Year 2 Junior T & Dylan O 🤩
Year 3 Romeo H & Theo R 🤩
Year 4 George T & Sade C 🤩
Year 5 Samuel W & Yana G 🤩
Year 6 Finley S & Rihanna D 🤩
Computing Ben S 🤩


Fabulous work.  You can see a range of their work here


One of our pupils has been awarded a Special Headteacher Award as they have been noticed constantly by all staff in the way that they have cared and shown respect and guidance to our pupils with SEND.  Well done to Steven J 🌟 You truly are a star.


Housepoint Winners

EYFS Ben S 🥳
Key Stage One Sebastian P 🥳
Lower Key Stage Two Imogen D 🥳
Upper Key Stage Two Ewan C 🥳


Super stuff earning plenty of points for your house.  The winning house this week is St. Andrew 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


2nd: St. George

3rd: St. Patrick

4th: St. David


Top Doodling Class

Maths: Year 2 🧮

Spell: Year 5 📝



The winning class with 98.8% is Year 5! 🏆 well done for being in class every day.


Whole school attendance is 93.71%, which is a slight improvement from last week.  Well done everyone, keep up the good work.


I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Mr A