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This is my last HT blog before the Christmas break, so may I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful start to 2023.  This year has seen many challenges for us all, with COViD, STRAP A, Scarlet Fever, and Chicken Pox.  Let us hope that this extremely cold weather helps control illnesses and prepares us for Term 3 in January.


In relation to attendance, if you are below 90% your child will be classed as a persistent absentee. If attendance falls below 50% you are now classed (according to the DfE) as a serious persistent absentee - all of these come with fines.  The school does not benefit from fining parents but we know that children with attendance below 90% at primary school, struggle to transition and have a successful secondary school life.  Working with school to improve attendance is always the best way to start - remember, education is a human right and is protected under UK law.


In a much lighter and festive mood, listen to our wonderful Head Boy and Head Girl, with their deputies giving their very first podcast.  They have been working hard to use GarageBand recording studio to master their podcast.  You can listen Here


A special thank you goes out to Mr Burgess for donating lots of Christmas resources from the T H White Group 🎄🪅🌟


Stars of the Week

Nursery Terrance-J S & Frederick J 🤩
Reception Charlie C & David G 🤩
Year 1 Chizi N & Freddie C 🤩
Year 2 Sophie KP & Numa L 🤩
Year 3 Mbalenhle M & Naveena C 🤩
Year 4 Teddy N & Iyla T 🤩
Year 5 Callum H & Eymen T 🤩
Year 6 Luisa EM & Zachary D 🤩


You are all amazing - well done on impressing your teachers this week.


Housepoint Winners

EYFS Natalia L, Eleanor T, Ben S, Muhammed A 🥳
Key Stage One Amber E & Chloe A 🥳
Lower Key Stage Two Thomas M 🥳
Upper Key Stage Two Esther BM 🥳


Super work earning extra points for your houses.  They will be needed.


This week's winning house is St. George 🇬🇬 - fantastic work and you didn't lose a single behaviour point!


2nd: St. David

3rd: St. Patrick

4th: St. Andrew


Top Doodlers

Maths: Y3 🧮

Spelling: Y5 📝



Our attendance is taking a bit of a plunge at the moment with all the illnesses around.  Remember, we need to make every day count.  On this note, we do not finish school until Monday 19th December at 15:25.


The winning class this week with 92.95% is Y2 🏆. Well done on trying to be in school every day.


Whole school attendance is 93.35%, which although low, is above the average for Swindon, which currently stands at 91.2% - so well done and let us keep going.


In other news...

As I mentioned, Monday is our last day at school for the Christmas holiday.  This means that we can relax and enjoy the wonder and magic that Christmas brings.  However, on Monday, I said to the children that it is a dazzle and sparkle day.  They may come dressed in non-school uniform.  


I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a super start to 2023!  God Bless you all.


Mr A