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Spots, spots and more spots...

Thank you to everyone who helped out and joined in with Children in Need, especially during the most challenging of financial times.


New app messages.  I know that some of you are finding the new app messages very brief.  This is because we are only allowed 160 characters, which includes spaces.  Therefore, I have written all the achievement and behaviour messages - the idea behind these messages is that you talk to your child about what they have achieved, a good starting point for talking about their day or you discuss why they have been given a warning.


In regards to warnings, please remember that your child does know and understand the language that is used in the message, as firstly they would have had a reminder about the rule that they are not following, eg: Do we defy teachers at Chiseldon Primary School?  Thank you for listening (the class teacher would then have explained what defy/defiance means).  If you receive the message: Your child has received a warning for defiance - please discuss this at home. They will have understood what they have done.


However, we do understand that sometimes, children do not want to confess what they have done or they may have forgotten what they have done after a long day.  If that is the case, you can either leave it and speak to the class teacher at drop off/pick up, or you can go on the website and complete the form on the class page and this goes directly to the class teacher and they will respond with a detailed explanation via email.


I know that social media and WhatsApp are effective ways of checking things through and discussing things but if you do have a concern or want something explained, please see me at the gate or email or call, as a 5-10 minute conversation with me or Mr H can decrease the stress and frustration that having a 2/3 hour conversation over WhatsApp can have on us.


I pride our school on effective communication but I understand that during this transition time, it has not been as good as it should be or has been.  I am now hoping that you are kept up-to-date as much as possible through my weekly blog, app messages, or indeed emails.  I am asking all staff that if they send you an email, can they please send a quick app message so that you know an email has been sent.  This way, it will make sure that you are getting all the information that we need.  Please remember to update your information in the app if your email or telephone number should change.


Stars of the Week

Nursery Phillip C & Alex S 🤩
Reception Eleanor T & Tymon J 🤩
Year 1 Sofia G & Skyla L 🤩
Year 2 William S & Benjamin RP 🤩
Year 3 Charlie S & Lucas L 🤩
Year 4 Ethan M & Jakub K 🤩
Year 5 Jacob L & Deau D 🤩
Year 6 Castor S & Raymond C 🤩


Well done everyone for working extremely hard and congratulations on being a star of the week.


Housepoint Winners

EYFS Eleanor T 🥳
Key Stage One Chloe A 🥳
Lower Key Stage Two Imogen D 🥳
Upper Key Stage Two Esther BM 🥳


Brilliant job!  Well done for earning so many housepoints. 


The winning house this week is St Patrick 🇮🇪

It was very close between the teams this week but well done St Patrick for being top.


2nd: St George

3rd: St David

4th: St Andrew


Top Doodling Class

Maths: Year 3 🧮

Spelling: Year 2 📝



This week's winner with 97.27% is Year 2 🏆 Super stuff, keep it up.


Whole school attendance is 96% Remember, being in school every day counts


In other news…

Next week things are a little calmer as we build on the new systems that we have put in place.


Thursday: team of Y5/6 attend the swimming gala

                 team of Y5/6 Girls attend a football tournament at F.Park


I hope you have a lovely weekend and have some quality family time together.


Mr A