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And just like that, the year is over!


I am overwhelmed by your generosity and kindness shown to me and the staff today with the many wonderful gifts and well wishes.  Just to say, I am not 50, I'm 21 (until August) but thank you very much for the surprise.


Thank you so much for your support this year, it has made making difficult decisions much easier, knowing you support the school.


As we say thank you to our Head boy & girl (Luke & Zuzanna) and our Deputy Head boy & girl (Thabo & Elle); we welcome our new ones for next year:

Head boy: Oscar N

Head girl: Esther Boolaky-Moore


Deputy Head boy: Ruban N

Deputy Head girl: Sophia B


They have been given their badges ready for September.


This year we are appointing House Captain and Vice-Captain to organise events and house competitions.  The children in Y5 had to complete an application form and be interviewed by Mr H and myself, plus children from their house in Y3/4.  The following have been successful:

St. Patrick - total housepoints: 15 742

Captain: Harvey D

V-Captain: Laila H


St. David - total housepoints: 15 242

Captain: Ray G

V-Captain: Freya H


St. Andrew - total housepoints: 14 393

Captain: Luisa EM

V-Captain: Jack T


St. George - total housepoints: 14 820

Captain: Ava TA

V-Captain: Desmond C


The winning house this year is St. Patrick's 🥳🇮🇪 well-done everyone in St. Patrick's for a wonderful year. 


Doodle Maths

The top doodling class this week is Y5 - well done again - you know how to stay top!


Well done to Zachary D in Y5, for a 50-day streak.  You have made sure that you have doodled every day - what a fantastic achievement.


Make sure you sign your child up for the Summer Challenge


Join the Summer Challenge to earn a FREE pin badge and certificate!

Between the 1st of July and 31st of August, encourage your child to earn 750 stars(or 600 stars if they were born on or after 01/09/14) and a 14-day streak in DoodleMaths and/or DoodleEnglish.


All you have to do parents is log on to the parent's account and sign them up - this is free of charge.



The year's winner with 95.79% is Reception!  Well done to everyone in the Reception class for being in school as much as possible.


Whole school attendance is: 94.28%


I hope you all have a lovely summer break and enjoy spending some quality time with your family.


Please encourage your child to read, Doodle Maths and Doodle Spell over the summer to help them keep current learning in their minds.


I will keep my emails on until Wednesday 27th July 2022 and then I will check them periodically throughout the summer.


If I do not see you at pick up today, have a great summer and we will see you on Friday 2nd September 2022.


Mr A