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Isn't it great having short weeks!  The weekend is here already and it looks like it is going to be a lovely weekend, weather-wise.


Just to remind you, as parents have asked this morning, the TD day is Monday 16th May.  This is for the school nurse to train all staff and we are looking at reading for fluency to make sure that we are providing the very best.


Clubs: thank you to all the teachers and support staff who are offering a club this term and T6.  This is to provide an extended curriculum and introduce children to different activities.  All clubs start on from Monday 9th May.


Stars of the Week

Nursery Roman E & Alex S 🤩
Reception Amber E & Ethan S 🤩
Year 1 Junior T & William S 🤩
Year 2 Charlie S & Nathan K 🤩
Year 3 Thomas C & Neve D 🤩
Year 4 Hannah S & Charlie C 🤩
Year 5 Ruban N & Steven J 🤩
Year 6 Charlie J & Poppy B 🤩


Housepoint Winners

EYFS Skyla L 🥳
Key Stage One Charlie S 🥳
Lower Key Stage Two Indigo P 🥳
Upper Key Stage Two Zuzanna K 🥳


The winning house this week is: St. David's.  Well done everyone in this house - great job!



This week's winners are: Year 6 with 96.77%, well done 


Whole school attendance is: 94.38%, which is currently above national and above the average for Swindon.  Well done everyone.


A note about attendance.  Headteachers are not allowed to authorise holidays during term time.  This is still the directive from the DfE.  Children will attendance lower than 90% are classed as persistently absent and could be subject to a fine from SBC.


Next week...

Next week we see our Y6 pupils sit their SATs papers.  They are invited in early for breakfast and prepare them for the day ahead.  We try our utmost here at Chiseldon to take the pressure off and help them to relax.


Miss Ornov is also in to see the children from Ridgeway to start talking about transition - can you believe they only have a few weeks left here at Chiseldon.


On Wednesday 11th, Mr Hatcliffe has arranged a Dodgeball Festival and will be taking some of our Y5 children, look out for the letters shortly.


I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Mr A