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What a fabulous end to the term.  The children have worked extremely hard and are a pleasure to have in school.


Behaviour Certificates 

I am trying to make more of housepoints and give real purpose to the children earning them.  I have explained to the children how Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates are worked out and how they can improve their behaviour through housepoints if they make an error and receive some behaviour points.  The criteria are as follows:

Gold: 97%+ Attendance and below 5% for behaviour (this is calculated Behaviour Points/Housepoints x 100 = %)

Silver: 95%+ Attendance and below 20% for behaviour

Bronze: Below 95% Attendance and above 20% for behaviour.

If your child was off for COViD or an operation or something along these lines, this would have been added back into the attendance so that it did not affect the overall percentage.



The winning house this week with 413 housepoint is: St. Patrick 🇮🇪


Housepoint Winners for this week.

EYFS Natalia L 🥳
Key Stage 1 Amelle D 🥳
Lower Key Stage 2 Kai F 🥳
Upper Key Stage 2 Ruban N 🥳


Housepoint Winners for the Year to Date

EYFS Ben S 372 HP 🪅
Key Stage 1 Niamh C 270 HP 🪅
Lower Key Stage 2 Harley S 433 HP 🪅
Upper Key Stage 2 Esha B 290 HP 🪅


Student of the Term

This is a new celebration.  This is from me as the Headteacher.  Every old Term (December, April and July) there will be a student of the term.  This is being awarded for their effort, overcoming difficulties, persevering, producing excellent work, and the way they are around the school.  


I am pleased to announce this term's Student of Term are:

EYFS Frankie B 👨‍🎓
Key Stage 1 Oliver S 👨‍🎓
Lower Key Stage 2 Samuel W 👨‍🎓
Upper Key Stage 2 Jack T 👨‍🎓



As attendance is now playing a major part in helping children catch back up after the pandemic, schools are being charged with monitoring this more carefully and making sure that all children have good attendance.  To have good attendance the children need to be 95%+.  As a school, our target from governors is 98%.


The year's attendance to date is: 94.38%, which is 0.18% above the current national figures and 0.5% above the average for Swindon.


New Play Equipment

You may have noticed Mr Timlin working extremely hard installing some new play equipment.  This is part of the science grant that we received from Wroughton Science Park to help teach our pupils about kinetic energy.  As they play on the equipment it will light up.


To open this equipment we have invited Libby Jackson, who is a British space exploration expert who works for the UK Space Agency, to help open this to the pupils.


You are more than welcome to come along and be a part of the opening. This is taking place on Wednesday 27th April 2022 at 9am.  We are really excited about the first part of our grant coming to life in the school for our pupils.


We now break for the Easter holiday, which is from today until Monday 25th April.  On Monday 25th of April, we will be celebrating St. George's Day, so if you are in this house, you may come to school in something red, something that relates to St. George's or just non-school uniform.  Everyone else should be in uniform as always.


Now that we are not writing about COViD weekly, I am wondering what my weekly blog will look like mmm.  Maybe focusing on how well our wonderful children do in school and looking at all their great learning!  Just a thought!


A thought for Easter:

'The more grateful I am, the more beauty I see.' Mary Davis.  Have a great two weeks break - I am looking forward to being able to turn my emails off for the first time in two years.


Have fun and I shall see you all on Monday 25th April 


Mr A