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Good afternoon everyone,

I hope that you are enjoying the weekend and the sunshine that is around on and off.  Weekends seem to go so quickly.  


As we enter the last week of term, I thought I would update you on what is happening in school this week, COViD measures that are still in place, who are Stars of the Week, and who Housepoint Winners are.


COViD Measures

I am pleased to say that we can relax all our COViD measures that have been in place for so long.  They will only come back into play if we have an outbreak, or the DfE updates us further.  I would like to keep the one-way system in place, not for COViD, but it really has made it easier in the morning and at pick up.  The double gates are now the school entrance and where Mr H and I will stand.


If your child does develop symptoms or tests positive for COViD, they must remain off school.  This has now been reduced to 3 clear days and as long as they are well enough.  This means for example, if your child tests positive on Sunday, as long as they are well enough, they would be able to return to school on Thursday morning.  Adults working in the school, still have to isolate for 5 clear days if they test positive and up to ten days if they are still feeling unwell. 


This does mean that we are able to carry out two of our events this week.  The Easter Bonnet parade will take place and the Easter Disco.  I cannot believe (I can) that some of our children would not have been to a school disco - wow!  The disco is free but children are able to buy sweets and drinks (more details will come out this week via the APP).  In the Easter Bonnet parade the children make these in school, so please do not worry about purchasing one.  We then walk around the school field and parade them.  Both events are due to take place on Wednesday 6th April.


We will not be doing our annual Easter Egg Hunt as there is just not enough time to get everything ready and we thought, with the cost of living increasing rapidly, we could save a little money.


Stars of the Week

Nursery Mula M & Lyla DS 🤩
Reception Skyla L & Molly B 🤩
Year 1 Carter R & Enhar T 🤩
Year 2 Romeo H & Jibril S 🤩
Year 3 Imogen D & Indigo P 🤩
Year 4 Lyla A & Ewan C 🤩
Year 5 Ray G & Zachary M 🤩
Year 6 Zuzanna K & Charlea D 🤩


I am sorry that we do not have any photographs of the winners but I was not in on Friday as I was at a training course.


Housepoint Winners

EYFS Natalia L 🥳
Key Stage 1 Amelle D 🥳
Lower Key Stage 2 Neve D 🥳
Upper Key Stage 2 Ava TA & Sophia B 🥳


The winning house with 408 Housepoints, well done, is: St. Andrew 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿



The winning year group this week with 98.28%, is: Year 3!  Well done to all the children in Y3 for doing so well this week.


Overall attendance is: 94.3%, which is 0.1% above National and 0.5% above the average for Swindon.  Well done everyone, let us keep going and see if we can get to 95% by the end of the year.


I hope you enjoy the remainder of the weekend and remember, we are keeping the one-way system in place to help with the flow of people.


Mr A