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End of Term

Welcome to my blog,

I hope that you are all excited about the half term break and have something planned for the week, even if it is lying in the garden in the sun.  This week saw some of our Y6 children represent the school at the Swindon Quad Kids Athletics, and Eric came second overall out of the boys and achieved Silver - well done.


We also had two of our Y5 children take part in the Quad kids Wiltshire County Championships last weekend, with both doing extremely well and Ellie C winning the Gold medal - well done, Esha and Ellie.


Bullying & WhatsApp

Please may I remind parents that WhatsApp is age limited to 13 years of age.  We are having some trouble in year groups with inappropriate messages being sent.  We are dealing with each incident as it occurs but children in primary school, should not have access to this APP.  If you are giving your child permission to use this social media APP, then please may we ask that you monitor this with more rigour please so that fall outs do not spill over in to the school day - thank you.


We have always prided ourselves that our pupils do not bully.  We have incidents where our children fall out but this has never led to bullying.  Since the return to school, we have seen some bullying occur in different year groups.  Bullying is where it is sustained over a period of time and not a one off incident.  We are encouraging our children to report this to staff, so that we can deal with this quickly.  If parents could have conversations with your children over the half term break about difference and this is fine, that would be great.  


Final Term of the Year

We come back to school on Monday 7th June and we come back with the measure that are in place today carrying through.  This means that parents do not need to wear a facemask whilst walking through the school grounds but if you need to come in to the school office, a mask must be worn.


​​​​​​​Children will remain in their hubs: EYFS: KS1: Lower Key Stage 2: Upper Key Stage 2.  I will relook at the measures in place around June 21st when the government are releasing more details and hopefully the DfE, will update all schools.  


We have looked at residentials and I know that you are all keen for this to happen.  According to the DfE and the roadmap for England, these can go ahead (see DfE website if you are unsure); however, the two residentials are in Wales, so we are just waiting for the Welsh government to agree that these can go ahead and we will be on for a great time.  As soon as we can, we will give the green light and get all details to parents as quickly as we can.  Thank you for your responses.


A big thank you to Ms Stott who is completing a marathon of a challenge on Sunday to raise money for the school.  Thank you to all those who have sponsored her efforts and I wish her all the very best of luck on Sunday in completing the challenge - well done and thank you.


I would also like to say a big thank you to Chiseldon Fundraisers, who have been working hard to raise money for the school in different ways, and have found this more of a challenge during lockdowns but they have persevered throughout and have been raising that bank balance - well done!  Don't forget they are working today after school selling sweets.  I think you're doing an amazing job, so thank you on behalf of the school and all the children.


I hope that you all have a wonderful half term and that you get to enjoy some wonderful family time.  I would like to thank the entire team for all their hard work over the course of this term - they truly are a brilliant team and I enjoy working with such great professionals.


​​​​​​​I will see you all after school or on Monday 7th June.


​​​​​​​Mr A


Stars of the Week

Nursery Travis & Bella-Rose
Reception Niamh & Reuben J
Year 1 Grace & Jack
Year 2 Blake & Indigo
Year 3 Brooke & Beau
Year 4 Robert & Charlie F
Year 5 Elle W & Thabo
Year 6 Jessica & Isabelle


Housepoint Winners

Key Stage 1 Tayla, mollie, & Jack
Lower Key Stage 2 Robert
Upper Key Stage 2 Marley