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What a fabulous start to the new term.  Thank you so much for ensuring that your children are in the correct school uniform.  I understand that whilst we are going through a cost of living crisis you may be finding it difficult with uniforms, but we have some spare available to help out.  May I remind you that the school policy is black shoes and not trainers.  Children will need trainers for the mile run and daps/trainers for indoor PE.


APP System

If you are not aware, we are back on the old system for APP messages from the school.  The new APP system was not good enough and we experienced too many issues with this over the summer.  I have given everyone access again to TheSchoolApp.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


House System and Behaviour

We are currently updating our behaviour policy and this should come out to you very soon.  The main headlines are:

We have 3 rules to help the children, they are:

We are inspiring

We are achieving

We are enjoying


Our routines to help them with the rules are: 

Excellent presentation

Excellent conversations

Excellent transitions


This is then followed by our stepped consequences:

1. Reminder of the rule

2. Check understanding of the rule (warning given)

3. Reminder using prompts (2nd warning given)

4. Timely reflection (3rd warning given, partner class)

All are followed up with restorative time (follow-up, repair, restore).

6. Parental conversation


Our conversations will always begin with: Is that how we ... at Chiseldon?  Thank you for listening.


Our house system has also changed slightly with our house captains and vice captains.  We are also making more of getting housepoints and changing some of the ways we give them out.  You can read all about this on our House System page on the website: 


Stars of the week

Nursery Enzo and Colby
Receptions Ocean and Natalia
Year 1 Imogen and Aubree
Year 2 Reuben and Lily
Year 3 Rumaisa and Jibril
Year 4 Jaxon and John
Year 5 Charlie C and Rosie
Year 6 Robert and Desmond


Housepoint Winners

Key Stage One Sebastian P
Lower Key Stage Two James W
Upper Key Stage Two Ewan 


Top Doodle Maths Class

This week's winners with 95% are: Year 6



This week's top class with 98.41% are: Year 1

Well done everyone for a great start, the whole school attendance is 95.17%.  Remember, every day counts.  1 day off, means that the children have lost 7 opportunities for learning and therefore fall behind their peers.



A gentle reminder of our homework policy - this can be found by using this link:

This includes reading every night; phonics for lower years; number bonds, timestables or arithmetic every night depending on year group; weekly spellings and the termly 48 spellings for their year group


In other news...

Next week our range of clubs starts.  If you have not seen the list, they are on the school APP.  I have given everyone access to this again, so you need to download the app for your smart device.  Please email Mrs Embling with the club that your child would like to attend.


If you are wanting to book after-school care or need anything from the office, Mrs Embling is doing Mrs Hughes's job.  This includes parent pay, trips, school meals etc.


If you need something from finance, please email and Mrs Bhalerao will be more than willing to help.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Mr A