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Response to our questionnaire

The feedback from parents in our recent survey conducted during the parent meetings has been the most positive the school has ever seen.

However, we do not want to leave it there, we want to improve further and make sure 100% of our parents would recommend the school.

There was a free text box on the questionnaire and I thought I would take this opportunity to respond.


1.  I find the information that I need is not always in 'one place'.  I have to look at Twitter, School App, Website - letters to make sure I am up to date.



We are trying to solve this issue by using an app that sends to all locations, so that you do not need to worry about looking separately.


2. I have nothing but good things to say about the school.  What i would like to suggest is to see a system where we see housepoints being awarded as well as warnings.



We are working with ScholarPack where our warnings and housepoints are recorded.  They are looking at working through how parents could have access to this themselves.


3.  When do the kids get exposure to computing?



All classes have a weekly timetable of computing.  We use DB learning to aid our computing teaching and this is found on the learning platform on our website.  If you still have concerns that your child is not being exposed to computing, please send me a private email and I will follow this up for you.