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End of Term

We have come to the end of a very challenging term.  Having to work at home and help your children learn must have been extremely hard going.  But as we draw the term to a close, you can be proud of what you all have achieved.  


Staff, parents, children have all worked extremely hard to try and make sure that the learning gap has not widened and although, online learning is not the best, it is the best we can do at this moment in time.  When we look back at this time and reflect, we will be able to say that we all did the best for the children in our care, from headteachers, teachers, catering staff, cleaners, site manager, MDSAs, teaching assistants, office staff, parents and of course our wonderful children.


During the half term break, it is imperative that the children get some break from their screens as they have been spending too many hours in front of them.  Please make sure that they read at least one book and enjoy being children - albeit in lockdown.


The school reopens for our key worker and vulnerable children on Monday 22nd February.  I am hoping that I can welcome the remainder of the school back on Monday 8th March but I cannot guarantee that this will happen.  As soon as schools are given the two weeks notice to prepare to open, I will of course, write the risk assessment and let you all know what we are planning to do and how we are planning to make sure that the return is a safe one.


I hope that you all have a restful half-term.

Mr A