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Year 5

Sphinx Class photo 06/09/17

Sphinx Class photo 06/09/17 1

Happy New Year!


I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas.


Our next topic is: 'Walls, Barricades & Graffiti'.


We will be asking 'Is graffiti art?' and the purpose and effect of walls in different countries and times.


Take a look at the Topic overview to find out more!


PE will be held every Wednesday, so please ensure you have your kit in school. You should have shorts, t-shirt and daps/trainers as well as a tracksuit if you have PE outside. Remember, you will be completing the daily mile so you may feel more comfortable doing this in appropriate footwear. I recommend you keep your kit in school all week and take it home each Friday.


Don't forget you will be learning the trumpet, this is a brilliant opportunity to learn an instrument so don't forget to practice - I hope you have all been practicing over the holidays.  Remember to bring your trumpet back into school every Monday.


I am really looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday and teaching you again this term.


Miss Dickson


Term 3 Walls, Barricades & Graffiti

Term 2 - Mexico and The Maya

Here is the ultimate booklist to read before you're 14 chosen by experts.

A Mystery Box Write by Joseph.

Fight for Hogwarts


The heavy metal shoes banged on the once clean marble staircase.  The staircase used to be warm and welcoming, now it gave a sense of foreboding.  It was chipped and cracked.  


The Carrow twins gingerly tip-toed over to their cruel master.  Voldemort was contorted with rage and silent fury,  "what about the boy?" he snarled.


Hedwig was perched on Harry's shoulder, with a dead mouse in her sunset orange bill.  Her eyes were acid green.  Something felt unwlecoming.  Maybe it was the way the trees whispered, or the way the shadows mumbled.  Bang! Black smoke erupted.  Figures in black robes woven from and rusty, silver masks the shape of skulls stood in the billowing smoke. Death Eaters.  Not sent to kill, but to injure to injure badly.


"Crucio! Crucio!" the Carrow twins cackled.  They liked practising curses on first years, it them feel Master could count on them.


Hogwarts was a war-zone, Hogwarts was a deadly war-zone.  Mountain the courtyard, trolls lumbered around the courtyard, glassy eyed, you could hear their ear-splitting, deafening roar.  They had ten foot long clubs, that had metal shards as long as a Mongolian River Nargon inside them.


Harry and his friends were surrounded.  Blood was running from Harry's nose and mouth.  It tasted of rusty metal.  There were dozens of green flashes, Hedwig squawked ferociously as Harry shouted "stupify!"  He dodged the green bangs and made his way into the Forbidden Forrest......

Fraction problems in maths.

Tuesday 26th September - European day of languages.

Sphinx class have been looking at Greece.  We started with Athens vs Sparta - the Athenians were the winners!  Followed by designing our own shields and crests.  We have also tasted olives and feta cheese - not everyone thought this was fun!

European day of languages.

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