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Reception (FS2)

Term 6


Week 2


We have had a busy week making props for our Pirate ship role play with Miss Swift.  We made hats, eye patches, a steering wheel and telescopes/binoculars to enhance our learning.  We have also been busy making our own treasure maps and marking a big X where we will hide it.


Our book talk book has been 'Jake's First Day', a story about a boy called Jake and his first day at school or is it?  We noticed lots of similarities to Chiseldon School and the children helped to read it out loud which made Miss Swift and Mrs Jenkins very proud as we have noticed the children becoming more and more independent with their learning and more confident to have a go with both reading and writing.


We have been writing about Pirates when we come into school in the morning and again this work has been independent with the children using their phonic knowledge to have a go at some really tricky words.


We visited the Washpool on Friday and ventured a little further then before and came across some very friendly horses and another great place in the stream to splash and explore. The children found some lovely pieces of pottery in the stream along with a spout from a teapot.  We have put these pieces in our investigation area with the light table to look at further.


We will be designing and making our own Pirate flags and would love to make these as realistic as possible so if anybody has any spare plain white or cream pillowcases they no longer need we would love to have them - thank you!

Term 6


Week 1


Monday we went on our very first school trip!!!! We visited 'Crocodiles of the World' near Burford and had an amazing day.  Myself and Miss Swift were very proud of Unicorn Class as their behaviour was amazing and they really did themselves and Chiseldon Primary proud. Here is the web address if you wish to visit:


We got to meet a tortoise, snake and alligator up close and personal along with seeing Meerkats and Otters being fed.  We saw the Salt Water Crocodiles being fed twice and had a lovelt picnic lunch ourselves.

Term 5 


Week 6


This week we finished our independent write of the 'very hungry caterpillar' and planned our class dinosaur and the egg it might hatch from.  The children have been using the story we read as a class and their own twists to retell the story of the hungry caterpillar which has led to the children exploring the life cycle of a butterfly and investigating the different caterpillars and the butterflies/moths they then change into. 


We have been working hard with our phonics to help write some really tricky words and the children have been so proud of their achievement many took their writing to other classes to show it off!!


On Thursday we chose and painted boxes ready to build our class dinosaur.  The children decided on two shades of green to the skin and added extra features on Friday once the main structure had been built.  Our dinosaur even had chicken pox as some of the class have had this themselves this half term - poor dinosaur!


Remember Monday 4th June is our trip to Crocodiles of the world' and the children need to come to school in uniform with a coat and sun hat.  Packed lunch is being provided for all and we will be back at school ready for going home at the usual time.

Term 5


Week 5


We finished our whole class recount of The Very Hungry Caterpillar this week. The children will now be independently writing their own recount as an assessed piece of writing for the end of year. They have remembered capital letters, full stops and finger spaces when writing which is fantastic to see.  We also have finished our book talk book, The Cautious Caterpillar using our FANTASTICS to decipher the story and talk about what we think is happening.


The children have been thinking about their dinosaur design with us investigating features linked to both carnivores and omnivores. We will be build a whole class dinosaur during our topic celebration this coming Thursday in Week 6.


We returned to the Washpool this week and took along the litter grabbers and industrial gloves to have a tidy as the children were really concerned about the rubbish we saw last time. They did amazing, no piece of rubbish was left behind! We also found pieces of the broken pipes that had come down stream from the repair work at the top pools. The children thought they were treasure due to the colour and not seeing them last time.


Thank you to all who have paid for our trip and also for getting the consent forms in for Evidence for Learning. This will be going live over the half term as we are just waiting on three forms.

Making friends with the sheep

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Term 3


Week 4


We have been busy recognising numerals to 20 again this week with lots of the children working really hard and using a number line to help them.  They have been writing the numerals independently on squared paper ready for using maths books next year. The children have enjoyed having ownership of their learning by increasing their independent work and choosing the maths challenges during continuous provision.


We have almost finished our re count of the hungry caterpillar and have been reading a new book during guided/book talk sessions. We have been using the 'FANTASTICS' just as the rest of the school do to help our understanding of what we have just read.


We didn't visit Washpool this week but will do so next week and as before the children can come to school dressed in old clothes with school clothes to change into. Please could you send spare socks in with your child as most of us got wet feet.


We would also love any junk modelling you may have at home as we are building a life size dinosaur during week 6 and are running low on junk bits and pieces. So before you recycle please think of sending it into school, many thanks.

Term 3


Week 3


Another busy week of learning in Unicorn class. The children have been honing their ball skills in P.E. and moving in different ways around the playground. Now the weather is warmer the children will be outside for P.E. and will need a sun hat in school for this and play times. Please can I also ask that children have their P.E. kits in school all week not just on Thursday, many thanks.


We have been counting to 20 in maths and the class surprised Miss Swift and I with an inpromptu count to 100!!! They are really enjoying the challenges and taking ownership of their learning through the activities we have set up for them to choose during continuous provision.


Friday saw us venture down to the Washpool again and the children splashed I the stream with some attempting to bring it back in their wellies. Thank you to Mrs McMurray and Mr Wilkinson for coming with us and Miss Sanger too.


To celebrate the end of topic we are planning a trip on Monday 4th June to 'Crocodiles of the World'. Please see the letter in May's folder with the information and how to pay.

Splashing in the stream

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Term 5


Week 2


This week we saw our chicks move to outside with the children checking in on them every day.


Our topic of dinosaurs saw the children designing their own dinosaur and also making their own fossils with dough, pushing a toy dinosaur into it and comparing it to their friends. In maths we have been exploring numbers up to 20, going on a number hunt outside and using number lines to help write them correctly.


We have been working really hard with our tricky words and have finished Phase 3 phonics and will be moving onto Phase 4 next week. Lots of the class have reached 30 reads and visited Mr Allen and Mrs Taylor to share this achievement and talk about what they have read. We are challenging the children to read to a friend when they come into class with some children reading their book to the whole class.



Term 5


Week 1


We had a great start to the new term! Giant legs have appeared through our ceiling and the chicks have left home. We started our new Guided Reading book and 'Roared' into our new topic of Dinosaurs with the musical instruments.


Friday saw us venture down to Washpool where we saw sheep, goats and heard a woodpecker. We played poo sticks and found a 'caveman tent' to name a few. The children really enjoyed exploring and taking risks. We would like to do this every Friday until the end of the school year but need a parent volunteer to join in on the adventure so if any of the parents/carers are brave enough then please let Mrs Jenkins or Miss Swift know.


Also children can come to school dressed ready for Forest Friday and bring school clothes in a bag to change into if need be when we get back.

Running as fast as we can!

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'He survived the night!'

'He survived the night!' 1


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Term 4


Week 4


This week not only have we been investigating the great playwright Shakespeare but we have also been celebrating National Science Week with a total of 5 experiments conducted throughout the week.


We focused on A Midsummer Nights Dream and read an e-book version from the Cebeebies story app. The children were amazed by the story which saw everyday characters mixed in with the fairy folk of the forest. We looked in detail at the characters of Oberon, Titania, Puck and Nick Bottom. We even made a potion with magical ingredients!


One of our Science investigations was to see how plants use their shoots to drink water all the way

to their petals using food colouring. We also set up an experiment to see what happens to food left out over a period of time and we are continuing to grow our beans and sunflowers.

Term 4 


Week 3


What a fantastic postponed World Book Day we had on Monday! Thank you for all your wonderful costumes and don't forget that Friday of Week 5 is dress up for Shakespeare week.


We have all planted our magic beans and some have even began to grow shoots.  The children have been measuring and recording the heights of their beans, some have also been talking to them helping them to grow big and strong.


We have also been busy in our supermarket and restaurant with some lovely role play happening, taking turns and helping each other.  


We hope you enjoyed your Mothers Day card, the children worked very hard with their message and decorating it all by themselves and we hope you had a nice cup of tea!

Term 4


Week 1


This week we have explored magic beans, planting them and predicting what they might grow into. The children also planted cress and are eagerly waiting to watch it grow. In maths we have been looking at money starting with 1p, singing songs and buying items in our role play shop.


A reminder that P.E. Is on a Thursday and running shoes are needed everyday for the mile run. Watch the video below of Unicorn class enjoying Go Noodle. You can do these songs at home at 


Please look at the letter in our folder FS2 titled 'Growing'.  It has some information regarding this terms topic and the activities we are planning to do.

Go Noodle

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Week 5


Wow! What a busy week we have had in Unicorn class. We as a school looked at a Woman in Science and our Scientist was Alessandra Giliani, and she was one of the first scientists to explore the anatomy of the body. As we have been learning about people who help us and doctors featured heavily we made an x-Ray of either our feet or hands to show what Allesndra might have found all those years ago.


We also have been learning about Chinese New Year and the story behind the 12 animals in their zodiac. We wrote Chinese numerals in maths and measured Chinese dragons with rulers to see who was the longest and shortest.


We shared out topic celebration with Year 3 who also have been learning about China. We had activities involving building the Great Wall of China and using chop sticks to pick up ice cubes and making spring rolls with rice and vegetables. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us.

Week 4


This week we had two special visitors come into school. PC Emma and PC Andy, our local Police support officers. They explained their role and let us try on their uniform and we even got to sit in their Police car!


We also went and checked on our bird feeders we put out last Friday and were delighted to see the feeders being used by the birds.


In maths we have been practising writing numbers and counting one more and one less from a number up to 10.

Week 3


This week we continued with weighing in Maths and we also began looking at measuring height.  We measured each other with border roll to see who was the tallest and shortest in the class. We also made predictions before putting the roll up on the wall.


We noticed that there did not seem to be many birds flying around. We thought they might not be getting very much food as it is winter so on Thursday we made bird feeders with wool and cereal and during Forest Friday we hung them out for the birds.


Next week we have a special visitor coming in talk to us about how they help us - keep posted for who they are!



Week 2


This week we have been reading the 3 little pigs story out loud as a class as Mrs Jenkins' voice was not at its best! The children have been identifying capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamtion marks all found in the story along with speech marks. 


During our P.E. lesson on Thursday we explored shape through gymnastics with Miss Hagley. See the pictures below and try to guess which shapes the children are ...


Week 1


This week we started our new topic, 'People Who Help Us'. We thought of all the people that help us from when we wake up until we go to bed - we had some very interesting findings (pizza man was spoken of more than once!).


In Maths we have been investigating weight and capacity.  Balancing the scales and predicting the weight of different sized and shaped objects.  On the IWB the children have been solving problems and ordering numbers to 20 out of sequence.


Our guided reading book this week has been 'The 3 Little Pigs'.  We have been focusing on setting and how the story is structured and will be building our own houses next week.



Go Noodle

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One of our many Go Noodle exercises to get us moving.

Term 3


Happy New Year!!!


We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.  This term our topic is all about 'People Who Help Us'.  We are hoping to have some visitors in to talk to the children about how they help us in our day to day lives.


A reminder that every Thursday is so kit needs to be in school for then and also a pair of either daps or trainers for our daily run.


Reading books - we have had some children collect their 30 read prize from Mr Allen and are well on their way to their next 30 reads.  Please can you ensure your child's reading book is in school each day as we share the books and need to rotate so each child has read all the books before moving on to the next stage.


We will be sending home books with words in and the children will know how to read these as the words in them are being taught during our Phonic and Reading lessons in class so sit back and enjoy a story!


Many thanks 


Mrs Jenkins and Miss Swift

Term 2


Week 8


Unicorn class wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


We have been doing some festive counting on top marks recognising numerals to 15. The web address is this is a free resource that we use on the big interactive board and iPads. A handy website if the children want to look over the holiday period.

We were very lucky on Tuesady to have a special visitor to school ... Father Christmas.

Christmas jumper day

Christmas jumper day 1

Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch 1
Christmas Lunch 2

Term 2


Week 7


Another busy week even with a snow day at the beggining! We have been re telling the Christmas story in Literacy and in Maths we have been recognising numbers to 20 and writing the corresponding numerals using number lines.


We participated in the school spelling bee for the first time this week with great success. Most of the class asked to take part and they all did really well using our phonics and writing some very tricky words.  


The whole school trip to the cinema was especially lovely this week with Unicorn class behaving and enjoying the film 'Wonder'. We will as a whole school be doing follow up work with reference to the film and book that has been read to the children during assembly.


Thursday afternoon was another topic celebration and thank you to all who came to see what we have been learning with a bit of Christmas thrown in.




Week 6


This week has been amazing in FS2!  We performed our Nativity twice, once to the whole school and then to all our parents and carers.  The children worked really hard for their performance especially as the majority of them had the previous term froze when up on stage.  The singing and acting was fantastic and they really enjoyed putting on the costumes and showing everyone what they can do.


Following on with the Christmas theme during one of our carpet sessions we asked the question 'Who is God?' Each child had their own ideas and sat and listened as we went around the class.  From this discussion the term Christingle was mentioned and the children showed an interest in finding out more about this term.  We searched online and found out lots of information and made our own versions of the Christingle.  Look at the pictures below to see our creations.


Just a reminder that next Wednesday 13th December we will be joining the rest of the school on a trip to the cinema to watch the film 'Wonder'.  Parts of the story has been read to the children during assembly and after watching the film activities will be completed to reinforce the theme of the story.


Also can children please make sure that they have a pair of daps or trainers in school each day for our mile run and that P.E. kits are in school for a Thursday, thank you.

Our Nativity

Our Nativity 1


Week 5


WOW!!! What a busy week we have had in Unicorn Class! This week saw the children designing their boats after testing out what will float and what will sink last week.  They then built their boats ready to test to see if they have indeed built a floating boat?


We have also been adding two groups of objects together to find the total in Maths and adding one more with chocolate playdough.


Our Nativity performance is looking fantastic and we look forward to seeing all of you next Tuesday 5th December.  Tickets are available from Mrs Hughes and Mrs Embling in the school office.

Week 4


This week we have been practicing the songs for the Nativity and read through our lines in the classroom.  We also finished reading Hansel and Gretel during guided reading which saw us changing the names of the characters and the setting.


In Maths we have been counting groups of objects up to 20 and sometimes matching the corresponding numeral to the quantity.


Science this week was our floating and sinking experiment which saw us testing out our predictions in the water tray.


We now have a rail for the Nativity costumes so if you have a costume for your child then you are welcome to send it into school named ready for big day!

Week 3


We are really enjoying being Scientists and this week Mrs Jenkins bought in some water beads and the children predicted what might happen when we added water.  We are also enjoying our Transport topic and have been labeling cars with their many parts and using our Phase 2 sounds to help sound out the parts.


Story at the end of the day has been eagerly anticipated as we have been reading a chapter book about a brother and sister and a magic treehouse that takes them on exciting adventures.  There are not too many pictures in these books but we have been imagining what the characters have been getting up to!


Friday was Pudsey day and we all had great fun bringing in our teddies for a day at school and dressing in our pj's.

Week 2


 Tuesday we predicted what we thought would happen to the sweets Skittles when we added water as part of our Science.  Wednesday we worked in groups and slowly added small amounts of water to our bowls of Skittles.  The results were amazing.  The children loved watching the sweets change colour and the changes to the water.  Watch the videos to see the magic happen!


This week we have also been thinking about Remembrance Day and the significance of the Poppy.  We were very lucky to have Miss Perre come into our class and show us her Grandfather's medals, beret, belt and photographs from when they both were soldiers.  We printed our own field of poppies using corks and cotton buds.

Skittles Experiment

Still image for this video
Watch what happens when we added water to Skittles.

Term 2


Week 1

This week we have read the book 'Sparks in the sky' during guided reading.  This story follows the adventure of Bo and her first Bonfire night.  We also investigated pumpkins with the children predicting what we would find inside when we cut them open.  They all thought there would be seeds and I predicted sweets!!! The children were very impressed that they were correct.  Next weeks' Science involves Skittles so watch this space.  In Maths we have been ordering numbers up to 10 out of order and practicing counting backwards and forwards to 10 from any given number.  We also compared the Hindu festival of Diwali and Bonfire night as they both involve fireworks.  We have discussed our Nativity, which you are all invited to.  Your child's role will be sent home next week.



Term 1


We had a very busy first term.  We explored the changes happening with the change of season.  We read and acted out the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs.  In Maths we practiced counting objects to 5 and writing the numerals 1-5.

Term 1 Pictures

First day of School!

First day of School! 1

Welcome to Reception Class


What a fantastic first day of school we all had and how lovely it was to see so many of our class dressed up!  Our film was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and during the day we read the story and spoke about the many different characters in the story.  Some of us painted paper plates to look like our faces dressed up.


Picture 1
Picture 2

Term One Topic - All About Me

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