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Welcome to Nursery! 


Welcome to Term 2!!!!!!  At the end of last term, Nursery votes for a new role play and the winner was Santa's Workshop so that is exactly out theme this term... fits in pretty well! This term we will be focusing on the different celebrations that occur during this time within our local community. We will look at how some celebrations are the same and some are different from place to place or family to family. 


Just a reminder that we are having a dress up day on Monday 4th November and your child can come in dressed as a ROCK STAR!!!!. This is to launch a whole school app called timetable rock stars. This app will help with quick recall for timetables, this is obviously not aimed towards Nursery but we like to dress up!!!! 


Each week I will update this page using the sub-pages below with photographs of the amazing things we have been learning that week and the fun we have (we have lots). Please take a look and share them with their child, it is a great conversation starter when they 'can't remember' the school day (apart from lunch... they always remember lunch!) 


Our Nursery is completely child led and the children will chose the following topics and things we have in our Nursery, so keep an eye out for some of the weird and wonderful things we have going on.. they can look pretty random at times, but there is a purpose to them! 


Please ensure that your child comes to Nursery in weather appropriate clothing, we go out in ALL weathers and need to be prepared, so coats, wellies, sunhats etc, who knows what the weather will do next. Also please make sure that your child has a spare change of clothes in case of emergencies (we are running very low on spares) and everything is named!! 


If you have not done so already please let me know if your child has any allergies and if you give us permission to share their photograph on the website or if anything has changed that I need to be aware of. 


We still have spaces, so if you are interested in joining out Nursery please contact the office


My door is always open so if you have any questions, please come and see me! 


Thank you for your continued support!! 


Mrs Carter-Selwood and the FS1 team 



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