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 Welcome to Nursery!!!! and welcome to Term 6


Welcome to the final term this year!! Our pre-schoolers are getting school ready this term, please look at our display to see all the things we are working on to be ready!!! 

This term the children have chosen to have a fire station role play, so this term we will be looking at the emergency services and the people who help us. 


We would also like to rearrange our farm trip for the end of term, so if you are interested in this please can you let a member of staff know, likewise if you are able to help on the trip that would be great! 


We we have been enjoying the sunshine so please make sure that your child comes ready with a sun hat and a jacket just in case the weather turns... You never know! 


Also so if you would like your child to wear sun cream please apply this at home before coming to school. 


We still have spaces in our Nursery so do not hesitate to contact us!


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or talk to one of us at the door.


Please look at our weekly learning page to see the learning we have achieved and the fun we have had doing it. 


Thank you! 

Miss Day and the FS1 team. 

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