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Week beginning 9.9.19

This week in Book Talk we have started reading and discussing Mr Stink which is our text of the term. We had to think of reasons and clues which show us that this is a fiction text.


In writing this week we identified diary entry features and then the main events that occurred in the story 'Rose Blanche'. We are now going to write diary entries based on these events and as if we were the character in the story experiencing the war.


During Maths we have been learning about place value up to 1000. We have been looking at how we can make numbers and how many hundreds, tens and ones they contain. 


We have been continuing to run the 'Daily Mile' on the new running track and are aiming to get quicker and complete more laps in ten minutes. Also in PE we have been develop our agility, balance and coordination through skill practice and games. This is helping us to develop our speed and changing direction quickly as well as our ball control.