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Week Beginning 6.1.2020

We have had an amazing first week back!


We started our new Book Talk Book - Chicken Licken and the children quickly picked up on the rhyming words and we made up rhymes for our own names.  In Phonics we looked at the long sounds for 'll','ss', 'zz' and 'ff' and where they are in words.  The children were challenged to write a sentence with one of the sounds in and they loved having a go and even some making their sentences rhyme.


In Maths we have been looking at all the ways to make 5.  We had lots of practical activities with us beginning to record our findings at the end of the week. 


Metacognition - we looked back to the beginning of the school year and some of the things we found tricky - red and how now they have turned to yellow, green and some children feeling they are blue and could confidently coach a friend.  The children enjoyed looking back and thinking about their achievements.


We also sent an email to our local PCSO, PCSO Turner inviting her in to talk to us about how she and her colleagues help us.  Our topic is 'People Who Help Us'and the children have been talking about people who help them with Mummy's and Daddy's coming out top!