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Week Beginning 4.2.2019

This week we have been looking other cultures and how they celebrate special occasions.  We read a story during book talk about Chinese New Year which followed a girl and her families traditions.  We made comparisons between New Year celebrations in the UK and in China.  The children recognised lots of similarities such as fore works and special foods.


We wrote a re-count of our snow day as our writing task this week.  The children are recognising and using more and more words from our phonics lessons and book talk sessions.  They also are using word banks which are a group of words associated to the topic we are looking at.  The children also have been working on using finger spaces when writing so the reader can see when one word ends and another begins.


In maths we have been consolidating our addition and subtraction work with the children recording questions in the correct format using the correct mathmatical symbols.  


The children to finish the week made Chinese dragon masks to celebrate the Year of the Pig.  We have also been practising our songs for our singing festival in March.  Thank you to all parents who have given permission and bought tickets already.  For those wanting to buy tickets they are sold at The Wyvern with the performance at the Platform.