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Week beginning 4.2.19

Congratulations to our Maths Whiz Winner ...

Congratulations to our Maths Whiz Winner ...   1

In English this week, we have started a new unit of work on Balanced Arguments relating this to whether children should sit the Key Stage 2 SATs (as these are looming for us).  Some interesting opinions have already been expressed and I am sure these will feature heavily in the final written arguments!  We are also trying to solve the mystery Death at the SPaG Bol ... 


Maths wise, we have been converting units of measure: cm to m, m to km, l, ml, g to kg, miles to km as well as seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months etc.  The children were fascinated by micro-organisms this week too - learning how quickly they multiply! We have set up an investigation to see which conditions help mould grow best.  In Topic, we have looked at how the EU has grown from its inception in 1946 right up until today, tracking when different countries joined and the UK is due to leave.  More on Brexit next week!


Next week we are sitting a set of 'Mock SATs' to give the children the feel of what the real thing will be like.  Please ensure all children are in school daily and on time.  We have discussed the SATs in detail and would like this to be a positive experience with minimal worry for all of the children.  Whilst our mornings will consist of the tests (Monday to Thursday), we are also taking part in the whole school Art Week so there will be plenty of light relief too!


Test Timetable:

Monday -       Punctuation and Grammar Test (Paper 1)       and Spelling Test (Paper 2)

Tuesday -      Reading Test

Wednesday - Arithmetic (Paper 1)         and Reasoning (Paper 2)

Thursday -    Reasoning (Paper 3)