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Week beginning 4.11.19

This week we started our new topic 'The Stone Age' by creating our own cave paintings and reading the story 'Stone Age Boy'. 


In Book Talk we read and performed poems based on the Stone Age as we are going to be writing our own descriptive poem in English. We also thought about poetry features and started to generate our own words and phrases based on our topic.


During Maths we started our measures learning where we learnt about capacity/volume, mass, length and perimeter. We learnt to measure and compare in these areas.


We also started ice-skating this week and learnt how to get up safely as well as developed our skating pathways. In PE we developed our skills of attacking and dribbling the ball in control.  


As a school we are continuing our growth mindset by learning about METACOGNITION. This is 'thinking about thinking'. This will help us to develop skills to improve and think about how we learn best.