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Week beginning 30.09.19

This week has been busy!


We are continuing with Mr Stink in Book Talk. We have been answering questions related to the chapters we read earlier in the week and updated the Book Talk board with our learning. 


In English, we have continued to write our diary extracts through sentence stacking and are building a brilliant model text to refer back to. 


We have started work on addition in Maths.  We are working on the different ways to represent addition and support our understanding through the use of base 10. we have been recapping our knowledge of number bonds to twenty and how this can help us in adding numbers. 


In our Topic lessons, we have been taking part in spy training. We have been developing our skills in map reading while using and generating four figure grid references to locate key landmarks in Chiseldon. We have also been testing our ability to encrypt and decrypt messages using a Caesar cipher (or shift cipher). The children have enjoyed challenges in decoding messages in Morse Code on the display, linking to wok from the previous week.