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Week Beginning 27th September 2019

The children have been very excited telling me how they are going on Youtube and watching our 'tricky word' song, thank you to those that have gone on and been practising.  Through the song and other activities the class have been writing the individual words independently and using the school's cursive handwriting scheme.  They are enjoying the many different ways we access learning and singing along in class and around the school.  


I have posted a few 'GoNoodle' active dances that we do each morning on Twitter and the class have asked if I can add the link on here for them to show you at home.  You can register for free with an email and we have a few favourites in class with the chicken song being one - I wonder why?! 


We have been working very hard at P.E. time to get changed by ourselves with a small group of children doing their buttons with Miss Swift encouraging them throughout the week at other times ready for Wednesday.  Getting dressed and undressed is so important as it helps build up finger strength and movement, aiding the children when it comes to writing and holding one handed tools such as scissors.