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Week beginning 27.1.2020

This week we have been doing lots of learning.


Book Talk - We are worried that the witch will eat Hansel despite him trying to trick her into thinking he is skinny. 


Writing - This week we finished sentence stacking our disaster story and to finish we have writen our own disaster stories.


Maths - Angles and turns was our new learning. We had to describe turns and also recognise right angles as well as angles smaller (acute) and larger (obtuse) than right angles. 



We also learnt how to run better with a bat and handle a kwik cricket bat whilst performing skills during our Chance to Shine sessions. 


During metacognition we learnt about Kiri and her perseverance in trying to learn to make origami butterflies and then attempted this new learning ourselves. We realised the importance of practising to strengthen our neuron pathways to make the learning easier.