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Week Beginning 25.11.2019


We as a whole school have changed Phonics to Sounds Write.  The class began the new scheme this week and have revisited sounds taught previously in the new format.  We use the following language when teaching phonics so if you hear your child saying it this way then you know where it is coming from.  We say, "say the sound" when identifying sounds in words and then, "say the word" so for example 'cat' would be , "say the sounds", 'c-a-t', "read the word", 'cat'.  We have also been swapping sounds from the same ending, changing the initial sound, for example, 'cat' to 'sat', to 'mat', to 'rat'.  The children have picked up on the new way and seem to be enjoying the new way.  Reading books sent home will match the sounds being taught in class with the children using the same words as in lessons for reading. Any questions then please ask.


A game I have found that compliments the new phonics scheme can be found here: you can create an account for free.



We have moved on from measuring height to measuring weight.  Key vocabulary linked to this is heavy, light, scales, weigh, heavier, lightest.  We have been estimating weights and the using scales to test our estimates.