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Week beginning 25.11.19

This week in English we read about the Iron Man awakening in the story and how the farmers and Hogarth treated him. For our writing we learnt about the features of instructions and then started to write our own instructions.


In Maths we applied our multiplication knowledge and counting of multiples of 3, 4 and 8 to different representations and related calculations.


Our British Sign Language learning is continuing during our metacognition lessons where we are also applying our reflection skills to see how we can approach new learning and persevere when it is tricky as we are still developing in small steps.


Fossils were the focus of our science lesson this week as we discovered how they are formed over time and the different types of fossils that Palaeontologists find today. The children have been very enthusiastic about showing the class their fossils or rocks from home!


There are two types of rock in Stonehenge! The children learnt this week that the people who built Stonehenge used two types of rock, one from the Marlborough Downs and the other from the Preseli Hills in Wales. But how did they move them as the rocks are so large and heavy? How did they get them to stand upright? The children explored and experimented the shapes and sizes on a small scale to see if they could recreate the three rock formation using bourbons or custard creams. This was trickier when the shortbread biscuits were brought out. Biscuits were then a midweek tasty treat while listening to a story at the end of the day.