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Week beginning 18.11.19

This week we have finished our 'Stone Age' poetry writing by composing our own descriptive poem and then performing it to the class. We will be learning to write instructions next.


In Maths we have been learning to count in multiples of 3,4 and 8 and how these are also multiplication facts. We had to count, represent and solve problems using our knowledge of these multiples. 


Book talk is the Iron Man and we are really focusing on using the text to support our answers. The Iron Man has just been trapped in a hole and covered up so we look forward to seeing what happens next in the story. 


Our metacognition learning is continuing with us all learning to sign sentences using British Sign Language. We have focused on how we feel before and after learning and why we might feel that we. We also started to write reflections on our learning and how we are getting better.


We are slowly unravelling the secrets of Stonehenge and so far have questioned ‘what the purpose of Stonehenge?’, ‘what rocks were used to build Stonehenge?’ and ‘how did they move the rocks from their original location?’ Over the next couple of weeks, the children will discover the answers to more of their questions about the case study.