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Week Beginning 17.09.18

This week we 'Beat the Street' to help move Chiseldon Primary School up the Swindon league table.  All the children were enthusiastic and we managed many 'bleeps' on Monday and Friday.  


In class we focused on addition and subtraction written methods as well as trying different mental strategies to calculate quickly.  We have also continued with our newspaper reports, writing with shifts in formality from witness statements, police reports and tweets - we really enjoyed our tweets!  During Science, the children revisited their knowledge of electrical circuit vocabulary and symbols before accurately drawing electrical circuit diagrams.  Our British Values work centred around the theme of 'Inspiration' where everyone chose their own inspirational person in their lives.  We learned about the Five Pillars of Islam then discussed the similarities and differences to other religions. Book Talk saw us finish Part One of Clockwork - it's getting exciting now!  In Raven's Gate, there have been yet more unexplained events and the plot is thickening ... everyone is really enjoying this story so far.


Certificates this week were awarded for both Maths and English - I have been impressed with the positive attitude towards improving skills in Maths and enthusiasm for writing.  Swimming awards were also given for super effort and improvements made when listening to advice given.  Well done to everyone!