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Week beginning 16.12.19

End of term 


What a busy term we have had.  2 fantastic performances of Christmas is Forever will remain in the memory for some time to come (as well as the songs playing through our heads).  Well done to everyone, from actors, to choir to stage hands, but a special mention for the extraordinary performance from Year 5 - Jess and Eric!  So many lines learnt and a super solo!  


We have even managed to squeeze in a lot of practical science investigations, written our adventure stories, worked on addition and subtraction formal methods, word problems and mental addition strategies.  Everyone enjoyed the Varjak Paw book which we also finished this week. This term also saw us swimming and visit the author Ali Sparkes for an inspirational talk - a fair few books were bought too.  


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Rest up and be ready for January 2020!