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Week Beginning 14.1.2019

Week 2


This week in Unicorn class we have been looking at why the 3 little pigs might have left home and why they chose the materials they did to build their houses.  Book talk does not just teach the children how to read the story but we also examine the why and how within the story.  The children each had their own reasons for building a house with the materials mentioned and they will next week be building their own houses and looking at which materials are best for house building.


In Maths the children are beginning to make links when adding 2 groups of numbers and items together.  They experimented using physical objects and writing the correct symbols + and = when writing a question.  This will continue next week with the children independently making p and answering addition questions and how to find out of they are correct - reasoning.


The children in topic wrote down all the people Who Help them and we have these displayed on our display.  The children are loving seeing their writing up on display and take great pride in the appearance and neatness of it.


We gathered wood on Forest Friday in preparation for building our houses next week.  They worked well in small groups as some of the branches were very long and heavy.  Other teachers commented on how well they worked and no injuries!! This risk taking is all part of the Characteristics of Effective Learning within the EYFS and the children are beginning to excel in teamwork and managing risks.