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Week beginning 13.1.2020

Book Talk - We continued to read Hansel and Gretel where the stepmother is not a very nice person. Hansel and Gretel got left in the woods but luckily found their way home by following some pebbles that Hansel had left as a trail. 


Maths - This week we learnt more about fractions. We counted them on a number line and also had to divide shapes and bars equally to show fractions. We can answer the questions: What is a fraction? What is the numerator? What is the denominator?


Writing - The next part of our disaster story meant we had to write about the storm coming and having to leave the house. We practised the writing of direct speech using inverted commas and that we should start a new line/paragraph if a new person is speaking. 


Metacognition - Our brain neurons form pathways when learning and we thought about whether we had strong or weak pathways for different learning we have done recently. We also started to think about how we could strengthen these pathways to become more of a green or blue learner. In maths, we have started to use our metacognition to help us reflect on what we have learnt.


In our cricket sessions with Phil the coach we learnt different types of bowling names to help with our warm up: fast, spin, howzat, slow and yorker. We then practised our throwing skills by: hitting a wicket, the ball going through a hoop or bean bags landing in a hoop.